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We are living in the most developing period of the sharing economy, the world in general and Asia market in particular. Most of us know the sharing economy model such as sharing vehicles: Uber, Grab ..., sharing living space: AirBnB .... 

Share vehicles

Share living space

Besides, sharing "self-financing" ... such as experience, skills, personal knowledge, by "repackaging" & putting on the mass media to sell them to those who need to study, cultivate professional knowledge etc.

This model is also known by a fairly new name in Asia countries: Sharing information - knowledge (#infopreneur).

The information - knowledge sharing model, also known as information - knowledge business (#infopreneur), has been developing strongly all over the world since the 1980s. 

Business model

Information - knowledge business means that each individual can use their own expertise, knowledge, experience, skills or life stories as a product / service to participate in this information - knowledge business.

Share information

It is the fact that, from childhood to adult, until old age, no matter what stage of life we should keep learning. Each person's learning needs are also very diverse & rich, associated with many of their roles in life: parents, children, staff, students, business owners, managers, sellers etc., and covers many aspects of life: health, financial enrichment, career, work, entertainment, family relations, society, etc.

Knowledge-Sharing Model - Knowledge (#infopreneur). 


  • No dependence on capital (extremely low capital, even no initial investment)
  • ​You are the "product of the product" (the opportunity to experience most of the lessons, values ... before spreading to others).
  • Extremely high profit rate (usually business interests can be up to 40% commission on each product or service)
  • ​And many other advantages.


A Forty four word capital, Information & Knowledge Business - the shortest way to improve yourself - increase income.

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There is a sayings that…. "If you are not successful, you must become a human". In fact, to succeed, you must ... be a person first. With this Information - Knowledge Business model, it not only helps you perfect yourself, perfect your personality, but also help you to create big profits ...a forty four word capital.

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